Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Historic Preservation

We here in the Russell Neighborhood have been trying to get classified as historic preservation district for well over 2 years now. Every time we get over one hurdle we encounter another.  It's almost like the city doesn't want us to have this distinction. I can understand why. If we were to get this designation then a lot of the "slum" lords and Half-way houses in the neighborhood might actually have to keep their property up. It would also make it hard for Habitat for Humanity to build their houses. 

It's not that I mind having habitat for humanity houses in my neighborhood. I don't. I don't mind rental housing.  I just wish they would spread the wealth. Why does the west end have to the majority of rental houses, habitat for humanity homes, and half-way houses? It is because we are a poor blighted neighborhood? Is it because the rest of the city that is east of 9th street ignores what goes on here? I would say yeah. Louisville is a hyper segregated city. It always has been and looks to be that way for some decades to come. 

I think the city is afraid that if we get this distinction that we will use it to try and keep some of these half-way houses and rental properties out. That we will somehow set a master plan for the area that calls for curbing these types of developments. If that happens then the city just can't put the "undesirables"  in our neighborhood and forget about them. If that is what the city is afraid of then they should be. Because that's exactly what we intend to do.